Monday, September 27, 2010

Ok! So it's been a day or two since I've blogged, because I keep thinking I have nothing to say. Who am I kidding!! I always have things to say. I have a friend who jokes who needs a radio when I'm around..... very funny. It's true of course. I've always been talker just ask my Mama.
So I've discovered a new obsession. I was going to call it a passion, but that didn't quite cover it. Obsession is better. A craft store recently had a VERY NICE sale. At which I purchased a cricut. I all ready had the small one, but now I have the Mother of all Cricut's!! YES!! So then naturally I need things to go with it. So many shopping trips and half my life savings later, I have been cutting and downloading with a vengeance! I have discovered many fonts which make me smile, and vinyl in an array of colors. I've decided I really like sticking things to my wall. Hopefully Ryan won't
mind. Also I think I'd like to paint my front door, but that's another discussion for another day!
Back to my obsession. So I bought the little cartridges, and then a friend turned me on to this software!! It cuts from my cricut, but I can download FREE fonts!! This is amazing to me for a variety of reasons. The first one being I barely know how to turn on my computer let alone make fonts, make them into downloadable files and other such things. Modern technology amazes me! It also frustrated me, but that 's a personal problem....
Anyway so I found this program and I tried it for 15 days FREE! I love free. I love a good deal too, but I really love FREE. So then I'm hooked and I pay for all the rights and now I'm a cricut cutting fool. My butt is permanently stuck to this chair, and my kids always know where to find me.
That's how I roll these days. Good talking to you again!!
Later Gators!

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